Annimar’s game allows you to know more about the power of 3D interactivity. The users will be able to practice their knowledge in a fun, challenging and creative way.

How it works:

1 – Before you start, you will need to watch the movies: Game (showing the game’s rules), the movie: Logic, with all the informations you will need to exit the labyrinth. If you didn’t watch yet, click here to watch the videos.
2 – Download the demo version and install on your computer.
3 – Start the game. In this example, you will be inside a labyrinth, and you must find a way out. For this task, you will use the knowledge you acquired with each video – Logic.


This example has just 1 module, with just one training and one game. Full trainings may have any modules needed.

Get in touch  with us for more information and let’s do a meeting.

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